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Definitely Dance COVID-19 Procedures for students and families


Only dancers can enter the studio

To limit the number of people in the building only dancers will be allowed to enter. Parents who need to speak with the office may do so by phone (416)389-7024 or email


Use of masks

All dancers must wear a mask during this time in the changeroom as well as the studio. Definitely Dance will not be providing masks


Stay home if you are sick    

All families must agree to the new COVID-19 Health Policy in order to participate in classes. If your dancer becomes sick at Definitely Dance they will immediately become isolated and parents will be notified immediately. No dancers will be permitted to watch classes in the event of an illness or injury.


Food and Water

No food will be allowed in the waiting room for dancers attending 1.5 hours or less of classes. Please give your child a prefilled water bottle to bring with them in the studio.


COVID-19 diagnosis

If a student or teacher in your dancer’s class is diagnosed with COVID-19, the health unit will be notified and we will follow their recommendations.


Hand Sanitizer and Proper Hygiene

Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water or by using hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer must be used when entering the building and at the beginning and end of each class.


Class Times

Class times have been adjusted to increase cleaning between classes, limit the traffic and keep student in their class cohort of 8.


Drop Off and Pick Up

Students must arrive 10 minutes prior to class for COVID-19 Screening. Parents must be 5 min early to ensure their child is picked up on time after class.


Social Dis-Dancing

Dance sizes have been limited to 8 students. We have tapped squares on the floor for each dancer. Props will no be shared by any dancers.


Small Bag for Dance Items

Dancers will only be allowed to bring a small bag with dance shoes and water bottles. Dancers will place their bag on a hook, large dance bags will not be supported on the hooks and will not be allowed.


Make- up classes

For the time being Definitely Dance will no longer allow dancers to make-up any missed class. No refunds will be given for missed class.

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