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Class Descriptions


This class is for children aged 2-4. Students will learn Ballet, Jazz and Creative Movement.  Children will sing songs and play dance games keeping them motivated and moving throughout the entire class! 



Ballet is the foundation of dance. In our program the fundamentals of ballet will be taught using classical ballet technique. Each class will concentrate on proper alignment, lift, turnout, terminology and style.                                          



Students will learn a Jazz warm up designed to stretch and strengthen. They will develop a sense of musicality and technique in an upbeat and fun environment.  



Hip Hop is a high-energy urban movement as seen in your favourite music videos to the newest R&B/Hip Hop music. This class emphasizes body movement, rhythm and style. 


Students will learn the basic steps in tap, to master clean, clear sounds. Tap dance is a form of unity with your classmates, as every sound needs to be precise and in sync.

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