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Financial Commitment
Option 1: Pay in full for the entire year upon registration to receive one month FREE!
Option 2: Pay monthly with payment due on the 20th of each month for the following month.
The contract duration is for 6 (six) months commencing January 2018 and
concludes June 23rd, 2018.
The first payment is due by upon registration
The last payment date will be May 20th, 2018.
A late payment fee of $15 will apply if the funds are not received by Definitely Dance on or
before the 20th of each month
If funds are not received by the 1 st of the month further action will be taken and the student
will not be allowed to participate in classes until the payment is made in full
In order for students to participate in the final recital at the close of the season, all account
balances must be paid in full.

Attendance & Time Commitment
A dance company is a team. Just as sports teams require all players to attend practices, dance
companies require their dancers to attend all classes and rehearsals. Absences will not only affect
the individual dancer, but the class as a whole.
Each class is 55 minutes in length.
For classes with a ‘waiting list’ your contract will be terminated and the spot will be filled. Each
dancer is allowed up to four (4) unexcused consecutive absences from Dance classes. Written
notice will be provided on the third (3rd) missed class.
*Excused absences must receive prior approval from the director; advance notice of absence
does not mean it is excused. The following are considered "excused" absences:
 Death in the immediate family
 Scheduled school programs or performances required for credit
 Wedding or religious dedication of you or a member of your family
 If you are seriously ill or infectious
Punctuality is just as important as attendance! Please be on time and prepared for class!

It is the parents responsibility to ensure their child attends each class. Definitely Dance will not
reschedule any class missed by the student.
Please be advised that Definitely Dance will not be held responsible for any student who is
delivered to the studio early.
Please ensure you retrieve your child from the studio on time. A $5 fee will be automatically
added to your account for every 15 minutes following completion of the class.
Parents are not permitted to watch the dance classes. Assigned dates for viewing will be
provided to the students in writing


Definitely Dance Company Contract
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